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Welding – Different Types For Different Purposes Believe it or not, there are different types of welding today and each has a specific purpose. If you are interested to learn about this, then better keep on reading. Number 1. Stick welding – this is otherwise referred to as Arc welding although, it’s kind of misnomer as TIG welding as well as MIG welding are under arc welding too. Arc welding on the other hand is what a number of people still call stick welding. This is basically the old fashion form of welding, which uses stick electrode such as 7018, 6013 or 6011 welding rod that’s chucked up in electrode holder that looks a bit like battery jumper cable clamp. The rod is struck like a match in order to get the arc going while the rod is fed in the puddle as it burns. The stick welding is quite simple and stick welding machine is pretty cheap and simple.
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Number 2. MIG welding – this is viewed as one of the easiest kinds of welding to be learnt. It is due to the reason that the rod doesn’t have to be fed because it shortens similar to stick welding. A wire is fed in the cable and out the end of MIG welding gun and the operator has to pull the trigger and then weld. Though it sounds easy, it is not actually but it’s easier to be learnt when compared to stick welding.
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Number 3. TIG welding – deemed as one of the hardest forms of welding to be learnt which is a lot harder than stick or MIG welding. This is due to the reason that both hands are required in TIG welding. One hand will be used for the rod and the other is used to hold the TIG torch with tungsten electrode that is providing heat. Oftentimes, TIG welding equipment is more expensive and harder to set up at the same time because there is a remote amperage foot pedal that’s included and it requires argon mix shielding gas in order to work. However, if you are seeking for a versatile form of welding among others, then you better opt for TIG welding. Virtually, all traditional metals can actually be welded via TIG process ranging from stainless steel, low alloy and carbon steels, nickel alloys, magnesium, aluminum, cobalt, titanium and even copper alloys. Number 4. Plasma arc welding – this form of welding is much like TIG welding except for a fact that tungsten electrode is now recessed in the nozzle and heat is created through ionizing gasses that flows around the arc. Rest assure that plasma arc welding is used whenever there is high precision welding that’s needed.