Reasons to Replace Your Floor Mats


Most drivers understand how to use a car floor mat. The floor mats bear a lot of beating from drivers; they drop liquids and dirt, kick them around the footwell, and wear them down as they brake and accelerate. Consequently, the mats wear out before you even realize. Thus, it is essential to know when to replace your floor mat because it is a crucial car accessory that needs to be functional. Besides, these mats are potential safety hazards; thus, you cannot use a damaged floor mat in your car. Car owners should look out for these signs to replace your car floor mat.

The heel pad is lifting

If you notice that the stitching around your mat heel is coming out, it is time you replace your set or mat. The flaw might catch your heel when you brake or accelerate and result to pain as you try to control your car. The world of pain that you experience as you control the car is hazardous.

Impedes brake, acceleration pedal or clutch

You need to change your driver mat if it, in any way causes the pedal to become stuck. Such a mat can prevent you from having the full control you should have of your car. Also, it can result in unintended acceleration. A car manufacturer locally recently recalled all mats for this reason; thus, you know that it is not something you should ignore.

It is worn a large through it

When your floor mat has a hole, it is not only an aesthetic problem; it is a hazard because it might cause havoc on the road. You have probably not realized it, but you use your heel to pivot sideways, backward or forward. As a result, you do not want anything that can stick your heel like a hole in the mat. Besides, a hole on the mat exposes the under the carpet to the dame that the floor mat is intended to take.

It is protecting full carpet area

You need a set of mats to cover the optimum amount of carpet. An area that is not covered by the mat exposes your carpet to liquid and dirt that the mat is designed to take. The damage is not good because it will cost more money to hire a motor trimmer to replace your car’s carpet flooring as compared to buying a set of mats. Additionally, if you plan to sell your car in the future, you do not want the buyer to have an impression that the vehicle is poorly maintained.

Presence of mold

Mold is hazardous to you and your passengers. Mold is nasty, and it triggers asthmatic and allergic reactions as a result of the spores it releases into the air. You need to replace your driver mats often to reduce the chances of passengers experiencing poor health.

You drive a commercial car

If you own a fleet of commercial cars or taxis, you understand the importance of creating a clean and comfortable environment for your passengers. A fresh set of mats will make the ride enjoyable for your passengers and give a good impression of your services. Additionally, your car will be free from nasty smells.