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A Guide to Figuring Out Which Online Event Registration Platform Suits You Best Getting ready to hold an event, no matter what it is, tends to cause extra stress for the organizers; these individuals typically find themselves trying to nail down dozens and dozens of details to make sure things go off without a hitch on while the activity is happening. One aspect of planning that occasionally gets overlooked amidst everything else, though, is determining exactly how registrations will be submitted and how guests will, in essence, say, “Yes, I’m coming!” Online event registration platforms are the ideal choice in most cases. When you initially begin looking-up information about different online event registration options, don’t be surprised if you feel a bit overwhelmed; there are many, many out there to choose from! This is how almost everyone feels. All you need to do is consider a few key issues and you’ll be well on your way to eliminating all of the event registration options that won’t work for you. The following paragraphs are all prefaced by these questions. Do I Want an Event Registration Platform That Offers a Mobile App?
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In this day and age, a high percentage of people do just about everything on their smartphones. This has led a growing number of event organizers to search for event registration platforms that connect to custom-designed mobile apps. These apps all have different features, but some are fairly common across the board. For example, attendees ought to have the ability to submit their registrations and pay for their tickets when they download the mobile app.
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Do I Have Money to Spend on My Event Registration Platform? Some event organizers are on tight budgets, which doesn’t leave a lot of money leftover for event registration platform fees. Lucky for you, there are a variety of free event registration websites that are still effective and useful! If you opt to utilize a free platform, the two things you almost certainly won’t be able to do are make custom changes to your events homepage and alter your URL so it’s customized as well. Your attendees shouldn’t experience any differences in regard to actually registering for your event. Should the Platform I Pick Have a Portal Just For Event Volunteers? Some online event registration pages have multiple tabs; one for attendees and one for event volunteers. If your volunteers need to register or if you intend to give them some updates in advance of the event, this feature is likely a good one for you to have access to. Race directors, for example, commonly need to provide their race volunteers with updates about their events very close to their dates. An event volunteer portal serves as the perfect medium.